Sunday Obsession: Sierra Demulder

sunday obsession

Confession: I become obsessed with things pretty easily. Quite often I’ll get ridiculously excited about that certain something (or someone) and then I’ll research and rave and spend hours thinking about the awesomeness contained within this person or thing. These obsessions are fleeting, and they will eventually taper off until they are within the realm of “normal” respect and admiration (no restraining orders needed).

Sundays are the perfect day to allow myself to bask in all the obsession-worthy people, places and things, and an even more perfect day to share my current obsession with all of you.

Today’s obsession is Sierra Demulder. 

Sierra is a performance poet and a two-time National Poetry Slam champion. At one point in my life, the words “Slam Poetry” would instantly induce 1.visions of angry poets screaming and whining on stage, and 2. a subsequent eye roll. Slam poetry? How lame. But call me ill-informed, as there are hordes of really compelling poets/performance artists floating around on the internets. Sierra is one of my favorites.  She is good, you guys. Like she will make you feel words like a punch in the throat kind of good.

Here are a few of her performance pieces:

Here are her current books.

The Bones Below

New Shoes on a Dead Horse

They are jam packed with thoughtful, hard-hitting, holy-crap I need to read this over and over kind of poetry.


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