Don Draper’s _____ | Sunday Obsession

sunday obsession

Hey hey it’s Sunday and that means that I’m going to tell you about my current obsession.

Obsession Confession: I’ve been obsessed with AMC’s lovely series Mad Men for a few weeks now. Netflix has allowed me to plow through seasons one through three in less time than it’s taken for me to get used to Windows 8.

My current Mad Men binge has come with some unexpected consequences:

  • I’ve been craving cigarettes and scotch and wedge salad.
  • I’ve had a strong desire to cook dinner while wearing a dress and heels.
  • I want to buy a fainting couch and a Coupe de Ville.

But there’s a particular *clears throat* THING that I am obsessed with more than anything else on that show. It leaves me giddy. It’s beautiful and BIG and every time I see it, I just want to jump on it.


If you’ve seen Mad Men, you probably know what I’m talking about. I’m entirely obsessed with Don Draper’s… bed.

While the rest of the world has been obsessed with Jon Hamm’s (aka Don Draper’s) manly man parts, I’ve been drooling over his furniture. Have you seen his bed?!

draper bedroom

That headboard is to die for. I just want to lean my head against its aquamarine cotton velveteen and read all day long. I’ve spent longer than I’m willing to admit trying to hunt down a headboard like this and I can’t find anything even close to this color. Maybe I’ll try to construct one myself?

 I’m only on season three  right now, so I have no idea if this bed is still making an appearance in the current season. But I really hope this headboard (or something similar) makes an appearance in my bedroom soon.


**If you are disappointed because you thought this post was going to be about Jon Hamm’s man parts,  this place is for you.


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